Friday, November 21, 2014

A Few of My Favorite Things

Taking class with Geetaji:  Clear, pure, precise teaching from The Source.
(Photo is from the Portland Convention, 2010.)

Sarees:  I have never seen a saree I did not think was both beautiful and elegantly draped, whether it is worn for a wedding or for doing construction work in the road.  The flat sarees in the photos are laid out to dry in the sun on the ghats (steps) at Alandi.

Nana Waghchaure:  Nana takes care of me.  I trust him implicitly.  Whether it is a day in the country to experience a sacred Indian pilgrimage to Alandi, finding a reliable saffron merchant or picking my husband up at the airport, Nana is our guy!  He is proud of his new rickshaw!

The feel of the floor at the Institute:  The coolness of the kota stone floor is always calming for me.  It takes me right back to one of the first times I came to Pune.  Guruji (B.K.S. Iyengar) had us do a longgggg headstand right on the hard floor itself.  An experience not easily forgotten!

Coconut water:  There’s nothing like fresh coconut water right out of the coconut as a treat after a demanding class at the Institute.

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