Monday, December 27, 2010

Getting Ready

It's easy to get all tied up in knots while packing for a trip that takes you half way around the world.


  1. Rishi's story.

    The little dog in the front is Rishi. Several years ago we had Katie, a Cocker Spaniel Julie loved. One time when Julie was going to India I gave her the stuffed dog for company. The workshop was in Rishikesh in the Himalayas and Julie roomed with Elise Miller. They named the dog Rishi. Now whenever Julie & Elise get together or Julie goes to India, Rishi goes along. This will be his fourth India trip I think.

    Have a great trip you guys!

  2. I hope the airplane ride doesn't have you tied up as well!

  3. Reading about Rishi reminded me that you must have the world's best, most thoughtful husband! Have a wonderful trip and keep us in your mindful state. Carol

  4. Travel safely and have a wonderful trip! Happy New Year in India!